About Us

Jacob's Houses provides exceptional homes and care services to loved ones in our community that are in need of long term assisted living and skilled nursing. Jacob's Houses is faith based as we provide exceptional care to those who are unable to care for themselves. We have the ability to serve our guests with immense attention. Our caregiver to patient ratio cannot be compared with institutional ratios. We have one caregiver per two patients which allows us to provide exceptional care and prioritize all of our clients needs. Whereas other options may range from 20-40 patients per caregiver. Each host home is carefully selected and vetted by Jacob's Houses to ensure that it meets their strict standards for comfort, cleanliness, and safety. Caregivers at each location are highly trained professionals who are passionate about providing compassionate & exceptional hospitality to our residents. Jacob's Houses understands that the end of life is a difficult and emotional time for everyone involved, and they strive to make the experience as peaceful and comfortable as possible. By providing a homelike setting and personalized care, Jacob's Houses helps to ease the transition for both the patient and their loved ones.


Camelia Iacob

Camelia opened Jacob's Houses in 2008 and has helped many families in need with the services she provides through Jacob's Houses. As the demand continues to rise, Camelia has made it her mission to help on a greater scale.